Nordic Wonders

Experience gorgeous hikes, local wildlife and convivial trains.

Road Trip

Ospreys wheel above and sapphire waters sparkle below on your hike along Lårdalstigen, one of Norway’s many stunning yet accessible walks. On this 11-day, self-driving tour, you’ll spend two nights in a remote lakeside lodge; in Bergen, take a couple of nights to enjoy city life and ride the funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen.

Arctic Sailing

Soak in a saltwater hot tub under the midnight sun aboard your private Arctic exploration ship. This redesigned fishing boat is your home for five days, with guided shore excursions and a dedicated chef and masseuse. Two more days are spent at a secluded lodge in Polar Park, where wolves and other wildlife roam around you, peering in the property’s windows. Both the shop and the lodge will be hosting your party only, so you will have exclusive access to authentic experiences.

Norway Express

Norway Express Ride the rails from trendy Oslo to remote Tromsø, one of the largest cities north of the Arctic Circle. This nine-day train journey has the aurora borealis at its heart, with many opportunities for sightings. Stop in Trondheim, and stay in a fishing cabin in the Lofoten Islands. Upon arrival in Tromsø, spend the day reindeer sledding and then take in a midnight concert at the modernist Arctic Cathedral in Trondheim.