Heart of Brazil

Superlative cities, natural wonders and one rather notable river.

North Coast

Sweeping white sand dunes undulate for miles, with crystalclear lakes in between — Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is a landscape few know of and even fewer have seen. It’s just a tiny wedge of Brazil’s northern coast, which you’ll explore over 15 days, taking in three national parks, pristine beaches and traditional villages. In the Parnaíba River delta, see thousands of scarlet ibis take flight at sunset. In the beachside town of Atins, hop on board with a fisherman and head to sea to catch lunch. Conclude this adventure in the city of São Luís with its colorful, colonial old town.

The Amazon and Beyond

Fish for piranha, try traditional archery and hike the Anavilhanas Archipelago in the heart of the Amazon. From here, the 13-day tour jumps around the vast nation, with three days in the coastal city of Salvador, the first capital of Brazil, and with the largest colonial old town in South America. The city is a center of Afro-Brazilian heritage. Visit Candomblé religious shrines and a Yoruba-language primary school. Spend three days in Rio lodging on Ipanema Beach, exploring the Tijuca Forest and riding a cable car to the summit of Sugarloaf. Your journey ends at Iguaçu Falls, where you’ll check out the Argentine side of the falls as well; here, a tropical microclimate supports a dazzling array of flora and fauna, including giant anteaters, howler monkeys and colorful parrots.