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Why Choose AWT

We understand your time is valuable. There are literally billions of travel options available, and we are here to simplify the planning process for you.

Alabama World Travel takes the time to get to know you personally and the dreams you have for each unique trip. We begin the research process, considering only those travel providers that consistently provide excellent experiences. As members of the elite, by invitation only Virtuoso network, Alabama World Travel has close relationships with providers throughout the world, who will extend services and experiences that the public often cannot obtain through an ordinary travel agency. Alabama World Travel will present only those options that are tailored to your interests and then work hand in hand with you to tweak the arrangements to every detail of your choice.

Before we design a trip or offer an estimate, we learn about the goals for those going, their interests, and their preferences for destinations, locations, seating, food and beverage, activity or adventure level, and more. We understand that the perfect package for them is not necessarily the perfect package for another client going to the same destination! We’ll seek to understand the purpose of “this” trip, whether it’s to celebrate a special event, to re-connect, to enjoy a fun get-away with the guys/girls, to disconnect from the world, to immerse yourself in the culture, or to discover and explore.

Alabama World Travel is committed to designing exceptional travel experiences that create life long memories. So when you travel with Alabama World Travel, you’re taking more than a vacation; you’re creating memories that will last a lifetime.

One great benefit to using Alabama World Travel is that we are accessible to you before, during and after your travel. We know you by name and are personally dedicated to making all your experiences the best. Upon return from your journey, we are eager to hear all about your experiences, the highlights as well as anything you would do differently the next time you travel. We’ll even ask where you plan to go next, so we can keep an eye out for any unique offerings.