About Alabama World Travel

Liz & Ken - Westbury Dublin cropped.jpg
Liz Sutton meeting with Ken Lyons of The Westbury, Dublin

Imagine having your own professional travel advisor who knows the right questions to ask and takes time to learn about each person traveling to curate unique experiences designed to create wonderful memories for everyone on your journey! We use our worldwide relationships, partnerships, and connections with offices in over 100 countries, which gives you peace of mind that your travel is backed by our relationships!


AWT is locally owned by Bill and Liz Sadie Sutton, CTC. Liz has been a travel professional for 41 of the 46 years AWT has been in existence. She loves travel and loves helping people enjoy the rich experiences of building relationships through travel.  Liz has served on numerous advisory boards and actively promotes excellence in travel, advising, and service. Every member of AWT’s team is committed to the highest standards of integrity and professional service, desiring to make your every experience the very best.