Tanzania Untouched

Chimps rule the treetops and traditional blacksmiths forge a niche.

Primate Pals

Primate Pals Follow the whoops of chimps into Gombe Stream National Park, where Jane Goodall conducted her groundbreaking research. Reached only by boat, Gombe Stream is also home to baboons and several types of monkeys. The 13-day tour introduces yet another primate, with exclusive gorilla trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park and the Virunga forest.

Elephant’s Best Friend

Friend Meet some of the heroes on the front lines in the fight against poaching. At the Canines for Conservation Program, dogs are trained to sniff out ivory, rhino horn and other wildlife products. The dogs are already at work at airports and border crossings in Uganda, Kenya and beyond. See them in action, learn how the youngest dogs are trained and chat with the head trainer to learn more about stopping the devastating ivory trade.

Local Culture

Local Culture Track game with some of the last traditional hunter-gatherers in Tanzania, the Hadzabe of the Lake Eyasi region. This immersive day tour will also introduce you to the Datoga tribe, pastoralists with a lifestyle similar to the Maasai’s, and people from the modern Blacksmith tribe, a breakaway group whose members have become experts in metalwork — their handforged tools are invaluable to the surrounding communities.