Concerning Coronavirus

The incredible media coverage of Coronavirus has introduced a new wave of concerns for people world-wide. Alabama World Travel is grateful to be your trusted travel agency to guide and advise through fair-weather times as well as the not so fair. 

In our approximately 50 years of business, Alabama World Travel has navigated through countless travel alerts and crises with great care and vigilance. We have learned to turn to credible sources to gain authoritative news, facts, and updates, so we can provide relevant information and advisement to our clients to equip you to make the best decisions for your travel interests.

 Your safety and peace of mind are always top of mind for us. Here are just a few of the many steps we are taking to prepare for and respond to existing and potential travel alerts and disruptions: 

  • AWT is monitoring authoritative sources such as the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and US Department of State . We encourage anyone seeking accurate updates to refer to these links.
  • AWT is actively checking our reservation manifests for who is traveling, when, where, and what are the current conditions for those destinations. We then are providing relevant recommendations to our clients.
  • AWT is checking frequently with our trusted travel partners for how they are managing each of our travelers’ reservations as well as the safety on location for those traveling.
  • AWT is collaborating daily with our team of professionals and Virtuoso network to ensure we all have the information we need to advocate powerfully for you.

 If you have any questions or concerns regarding your upcoming travels, please let me know so we can set up an appointment to review your interests.

 Navigating this wonderful world with all its beauty, adventure, and complexities is a big part of our mission to design and manage exceptional travel experiences to create lifelong memories for you and those dear to you. What an honor and privilege!

What will Travel Look Like in a Post-Coronavirus World?