Mission Statement

Alabama World Travel is personally dedicated

to designing exceptional travel experiences that create lifelong memories.

Alabama World Travel ~

Celebrating 45 years in 2016!

Is personally dedicated ~

Each person is committed to giving you the best in travel service!

To designing ~

AWT Designs!  No two people are alike, and no two vacation experiences should be alike.  We are here to curate an experience, tailored specifically for you!

Exceptional travel experiences ~

When you travel, we want more than the ordinary for you; we want the extraordinary!  We are connected with travel partners on the ground in over 80 countries around the world, all of whom are committed to providing exceptional travel experiences!  Experiences like no-line waiting at The Louvre or the Vatican, up-close encounters on a safari, a private guide who explains the history as you walk through a medieval town, an expedition on Iceland, back-stages passes on Broadway, golfing with the pros, a private cooking class in a home in Madrid.  If you can dream it, we want you to live it!

That create lifelong memories.

When you travel, you are creating memories that last a lifetime!  We want those memories to be some of the best of your life!  Different trips hold different purposes.  Some are celebratory like a graduation, or milestone birthday or anniversary.  Others are a romantic getaway.  Others relaxation or rejuvenation.  Some educational, rich in culture, the arts, or culinary delights.  Some are to share great family experiences across generations!  Whatever your travels hold, we are here to make them the best!